7th to 11th July 2009 at the Chrysalis Theatre, Milton Keynes.

MKTOC produced an exclusive stage production of Ripping Yarns in July 2009. David Pibworth secured the exclusive rights from Michael Palin and Terry Jones to adapt Ripping Yarns (Originally BBC TV 1977) to the stage. You can read more about the original televised series by these ex-Pythons on Wikipedia

We presented three of the nine episodes. These were:

‘Murder at Moorstones Manor’: A series of grisly murders spoil a family weekend. But who dunnit? Well… everyone it seems! Directed by Steve Clark.

‘Across the Andes by Frog’: Capt. Snetterton’s daring expedition to the mountains of Peru with a crack team of trained frogs! Directed by David Lovesy.

‘The Testing of Eric Olthwaite’: The most boring man in Yorkshire falls into bad company and embarks on a daring life of crime! Directed by David Pibworth.

In the Summer of 2021 we staged three further episodes as an open air production at the Arches Theatre in More Ripping Yarns.

Show Dates, Times and Ticket Prices

Tuesday 7th to Saturday 11th July 2009 at the Chrysalis Theatre, Camphill, Milton Keynes.
Each performance included all 3 shows (with 2 short intervals).
Tuesday 7th July 2009. 7.30pm.
Wednesday 8th July 2009. 7.30pm.
Thursday 9th July 2009. 7.30pm.
Friday 10th July 2009. 7.30pm.
Saturday 11th July 2009. 7.30pm.


Moorstones Manor:
 – Brian Two
Charles – Matt Perris
Sir Clive Chiddingfold – Richard Duncombe
Lady Chiddingfold – Sue Walmsley
Dora – Tracy Watchhorn
Manners – David Pibworth
Dr Farson – Stephen Brigden
Ruth – Sarah de Rousset-Hall
Door to Door Pamphletteers – Louisa Frost and Philippa Tipper

Across the Andes:
– John Greenall
Captain Snetterton – Steve Clark
RSM Byng – Jon West
Corporal Miller – Roger Widdecombe
Private Johnson – Tracy Watchorn
Consul Gregory – David Pibworth
Peruvian School Girls – Louisa Frost and Sarah de Rousset-Hall
Native Guide – Philippa Tipper
Natives – Brian Two, Stephen Brigden and Barry Thompson
BBC Announcer – David Lovesy

Eric Olthwaite:
Eric Olthwaite – Matt Perris
Mrs Olthwaite – Sue Walmseley
Irene Olthwaite – Tracy Watchorn
Mr Olthwaite – Richard Duncombe
Arthur (a robber) – Barry Thompson
The Mayor – Stephen Brigden
Bank Manager – John Greenall
Mrs Bag – Philippa Tipper
Mr Bag – Brian Two
Enid Bag – Louisa Frost
Chauffeur – Roger Widdecombe
Policeman – Jon West
Young lad – Morgan Curtis
News Reader – Sarah de Rousset-Hall

Production Team

Directors – David Lovesy, David Pibworth and Steve Clark
Production Manager – David Pibworth
Choreographer– Louisa Frost
Sound – Peter Lawson
Marketing & Publicity – David Lovesy and Steve Clark
Lighting Design – Andy Nicholson
Props – Pam Buckle, David and Mary Howard
Set – John Southgate
Make up and hair – Emma Dell (One Salon)
Costumes – Cara Garrett
Stage Management – Karen and Steve Young (Hippofrog)