Don’t take our word for it! Here are some of the reviews from guests who have been to our previous productions…

‘My husband and I loved the show. It was very true to the TV series and the characters were portrayed extremely well. We look forward to the next production.’

‘Brilliant, thoughtfully done and funny!’

‘There were eight of us and we all thought it was fantastic.. Playing such iconic characters must be a challenge, but all the parts were played brilliantly!’

‘Bloody Marvellous – Hurrah!’

‘It was excellent, well acted, full of humour, great set and costumes.’

‘Great experience as always. Love MKTOC productions.’

‘Very enjoyable experience. We will definitely be back.’

‘Just keep them coming and we will keep coming !’

‘I thought for an amateur production it was very professional’

‘Had a really good time – as usual! Thank you to all involved for providing such great entertainment.’

‘Loved it. True to the original TV shows in every way.’

‘Wow, I hadn’t expected it to be that good but was totally blown away by the whole experience. The level of acting was superb and thought the set design worked exceptionally well.’

‘We absolutely loved it! It was refreshing yet reminiscent, brilliantly acted with such amazing comic timing and very well produced.’

‘Everyone involved should be really proud of their performance and contribution towards the production.’

‘I can’t explain how amazing I thought it was… My only negative is that I’m late to the party and have missed so many other wonderful shows that you have put on.’