Murder mystery entertainment for corporate and private clients.

A silly, yet gruesome, service from MKTOC! A light-hearted way to bring death to friends and colleagues.

Die Laughing are a performance group dedicated to bringing murder and mayhem to your event with daft storylines designed to entertain as much as mystify. In fact, we’re often accused of first-degree humour-cide!


We can create plots tailored to your requirements, or you can pick from themes including:

  • Robin Hood and his Merry Menace : Murder and skulduggery with a historical re-enactment society!
  • Oliver! With a Twist : Twenty years on and Oliver is still causing trouble – who’d “do anything” to silence him?
  • Anne gets Cleaved : A Tudor themed murder
  • Dead Men don’t get dessert : A gangster themed murder mystery set in Prohibition Chicago.
  • LepreCON : A convention of Faerie fans may have proved the existence of the Fair Folk – or is something more sinister afoot?
  • Dial M for Monster : An evil mastermind murdered. Five infamous horror villains and a monster hunter in the frame – can you work out who didn’t do it?
  • They never see it coming: Death visits the production team of a paranormal investigation show.
  • I’m your number one Fang: It’s the special launch night for the latest Halloween horror movie from Buena Pasta Pictures and then someone starts re-enacting the grisly events of the movie in real life…
  • Who Sleighed Santa: A group of VIP guests have a rare treat to spend an evening with the legendary Santa Claus.
  • Murder at the Manor: Sir Clive and Lady Worthington-Jones, two eccentric English aristocrats, have always lived their lives according to their own rules. When their moral crusader daughter, Dora, becomes engaged to an ambitious MP, who wants to gain votes at the next election by stamping on corruption, drastic action is called for…
  • M’nango Valley: Adventurer and explorer Oregon Smith is opening an African theme park based on some rather warped concepts. Will he get away with it? Not with the local aristocracy and some environmental activists to deal with…
  • Theatre of Horror: A fading repertory theatre company announces plans for a controversial new show.
  • Mates Meet again: A school reunion is gate crashed by the domineering old headmistress. Tempers fly and some guests gets more than just detention! Which member of staff or former pupil did the deed?
  • Recipe for Murder: A hotel manager announces the exciting plans for his venue incorporating a new restaurant and guest wing. But what he reveals is not quite what everyone expected and tempers fly! 

You’ll laugh yourself to death!

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Why choose us?
  • Our team have vast experience of both theatrical improvisation and comedy performance. Murder mysteries are, after all, designed to be entertaining above all else!
  • Each event has a representative assigned to work with you, ensuring that the package is well suited to your requirements.
  • Our experiences are enhanced with professionally produced complementary materials that strengthen the theme of the evening – from posters advertising fictitious events, to physical “evidence” of dark deeds and wrongdoing!
  • We’re fun to work with!
How We Work
  • Our performers dress in appropriate costume for the plot or theme – you can encourage your guests to do the same if you wish!
  • We do not work to a script. The characters have their backstories, motives and arguments worked out beforehand but the action during the event is mainly improvised – allowing full interaction!
  • Throughout the evening, our performers will move from table to table, interacting with guests, dropping clues and arguing with other characters
  • Solution forms are filled in by the guests, with prizes for the most accurate and most amusing solutions!

The Die Laughing Team were wonderful! The actors kept everyone engaged throughout the night – even while we were having dinner. Their performances were fantastic – really taking us back to the 1920s! We would definitely call them again for any future events!

Miss E. C

Private Party, March 2024

The team of actors from Die Laughing and Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy were absolutely brilliant! Their planning and communications prior to our weekend-long event made sure that everything ran smoothly. But their TALENT…wow…all of our guests (50+) were blown away and left giggling all weekend. The team performed an interactive murder mystery night for us on the Friday which played out during the evening over welcome drinks and a three-course meal. It was the best way to both entertain and get all ours guests involved and chatting. The following day, we asked the team to return as characters from Alice In Wonderland to complement our themed party. Again, they smashed it with very convincing performances from a Queen of Hearts and a Dormouse (who didn’t break character all day long!) as well as theatrical poetry recital. Nothing was too much to ask of the team and their priority was the enjoyment and entertainment of our guests. I cannot thank them enough and would recommend them to all! 

Miss A. C.

Private party, April 2024