17th to 22nd March 2014 at the Chrysalis Theatre, Milton Keynes

By popular demand, we revisited Torquay’s most infamous hotel to witness the unique customer service skills of Basil Fawlty and his staff…

Our previous productions (Fawlty Towers and Return to Fawlty Towers) were a huge hit and we put on 3 further episodes from the classic TV comedy. We then ‘returned to Torquay’ in Sept 2015 when we performed the remaining 3 episodes in Fawlty Towers: the final check in.

Each performance included the following 3 episodes:

“The Builders”: Basil and Sybil go out for a day leaving Polly and Manuel in charge while some refurbishment is carried out, but penny-pinching as ever, Basil has employed the dubious talents of cowboy Irish builder Mr O’Reilly’s and his gang. Can Basil remedy the mess up before Sybil finds out?

“The Anniversary”: Basil invites some friends for a surprise wedding anniversary party, but Sybil assumes he has forgotten their anniversary and storms off, leaving her husband and Polly, in disguise, desperately trying to convince the others that Sybil is ill…

“Gourmet night”: In an effort to climb another rung on the social ladder, Basil arranges a gourmet night with no ‘riff-raff’. Unfortunately a combination of a drunken chef and a faulty car leads Basil ever closer to a nervous breakdown…

Written by John Cleese and Connie Booth. By arrangement with Samuel French.

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Show Dates, Times and Ticket Prices

17th to 22nd March 2014. At the Chrysalis Theatre, Camphill, Milton Keynes MK15 9JY
The show played to packed audiences and we added an additional Saturday matinee to the performance week to meet the demand
Each performance included all 3 episodes

Monday 17th March 2014. 7.30pm.
Tuesday 18th March 2014. 7.30pm.
Wednesday 19th March 2014. 7.30pm.
Thursday 20th March 2014. 7.30pm
Friday 21st March 2014. 7.30pm.
Saturday 22nd March 2014. 2.30pm matinee.
Saturday 22nd March 2014. 7.30pm.


Basil Fawlty – Steve Clark
Sybil Fawlty – Philippa Tipper
Manuel – Jon Davis
Polly – Amy Marchant
The Major – Brian Two
Miss Tibbs – Sue Walmsley
Miss Gatsby – Ann Skelly

“The Builders”:
Mr O’Reilly 
– Sean McDermott
Mr Murphy – Keith Lennox
Mr Kerr – Roger Widdecombe
Mr Jones – Carl DeFriend
Delivery man – David Lovesy
Mr Stubbs – David Pibworth

“The Anniversary”:
Terry the chef 
– Ben Gray
Roger – David Pibworth
Alice – Emma Dell
Reg – Keith Lennox
Virginia – Jen Barber
Arthur – Roger Widdecombe
Kitty – Sandra Cowling
Audrey (voice)  – Rosemary Hill

“Gourmet Night”:
Colonel Hall
 – Richard Duncombe
Mrs Hall – Rosemary Hill
Lionel Twitchen – Carl DeFriend
Mrs Twitchen – Emma Dell
Andre – Sean McDermott
Kurt the chef – David Lovesy
Mr Heath – Ben Gray
Mrs Heath – Sandra Cowling
Ronald Heath – Matthew Clark
Andre’s waiter – David Pibworth

Production Team

Directors – David Lovesy (‘The Builders’),  Sean McDermott (‘The Anniversary’) and David Pibworth (‘Gourmet Night’)
Sound – Peter Lawson
Marketing & Publicity – David Lovesy and Steve Clark
Lighting Design – Andy Nicholson
Props – Pam Buckle, Clare Doughty, David Howard and Mary Howard
Set – Corrin Eaton
Hair and Make up – Emma Dell (One Salon)
Costumes – Anna Wingerath
Stage Management – Karen and Steve Young (Hippofrog) and David Putman