19th to 30th December 2012 at the Venue, Walton High, Milton Keynes

King Rat is threatening to take over London. Only the penniless, but brave, Dick Whittington and his trusty feline sidekick, Tiddles, can stop the rodent’s quest for domination!

Aided by the magic of a very cockney Spirit of London, the more down to earth and questionable ‘help’ of his mother, Dame Sarah, and his loyal but brainless pal, ‘Barrow Boy’ Billy, Dick’s adventure takes him from the East End of London to distant tropical shores before the final showdown with the villainous King Rat and his henchrats, Nip and Tuck!

Along the way he attempts to win the hand of the lovely Alice, daughter of the bumbling Alderman Fitzwarren and foil the plot of the mysterious, piratical Long John Tin Foil.

Will our hero triumph over these adversities, become Lord Mayor and live happily ever after?

A new version of the classic tale, brimming with comedy, slapstick and everything you would want and expect from a traditional family pantomime and of course plenty to keep the audience cheering and booing along!

Featuring music with a live band. Script written by TLC Creative.

Show Dates, Times and Ticket Prices

Wednesday 19th December to Sunday 30th December 2012 at the Venue, Walton High, Milton Keynes. MK7 7WH.
Wednesday 19th December 2012. 10.30am. School Performance.
Thursday 20th December 2012. 10.30am. School Performance.
Friday 21st December 2012. 3pm.
Friday 21st December 2012. 7pm.
Saturday 22nd December 2012. 3pm.
Saturday 22nd December 2012. 7pm.
Sunday 23rd December 2012. 3pm.
Sunday 23rd December 2012. 7pm.
Wednesday 26th December 2012. 3pm.
Thursday 27th December 2012. 3pm.
Thursday 27th December 2012. 7pm.
Friday 28th December 2012. 3pm.
Friday 28th December 2012. 7pm.
Saturday 29th December 2012. 3pm.
Saturday 29th December 2012. 7pm.
Sunday 30th December 2012. 3pm.
Sunday 30th December 2012. 7pm.


Dick Whittington – Tracy Watchorn
Barrow Boy Billy – Steven Gordon-Wilson
Dame Sarah – David Lovesy
Alice Fitzwarren – Dawn Minty
Alderman Fitzwarren – Richard Duncombe
Tiddles the cat – Alice Dobell
The Spirit of London – Sue Walmsley
King Rat – David Pibworth
Nip (a henchrat) – Jon West
Tuck (a henchrat) – Anna Wingerath
Long John Tin Foil – Keith Lennox
Chorus of Londoners and Pirates – Sue Whyte, Tony Ffitch, Adrian Head, Martinha Ferreira, Poppy Moroz, Zoe McDowell, Jonathan Andrews and Jordan Antony O’Meara
Chrous of Rats – Elizabeth Winter, Dean Murphy, Jack Plummer, Max Evans, Ruby Glover, Harvey Hulse, Portia Willock-Bruce, Meryn Humphries, Sarah Langley, Ella Sheaf, Saley Wilkinson, India Pryce, Jason Davies and Georgia Coney (members of Olney Drama Club)

Production Team

Director – David Pibworth
Musical Director – Tim Brewster
Choreographer – Coylah Willock
Production Manager – Steve Clark
Stage Manager
– Jon Legg
Company Stage Manager – Corin Eaton
Stage Management – Rachel Dobell, Dan Hooper, Mark Bristow, Scott Ramsey and Steve Higgins
Promotion and marketing – David Lovesy and Steve Clark
Lighting and effects – Andy Nicholson and All Stages Team
Sound – Mike Crofts and the Main Street Team
Props – Pam Buckle, Mary Howard and Dave Howard
Theatre Manager and house tech – Nathan Letts
Box Office – Online and Anna Wingerath
Set Design – Corin Eaton
Set Hire – Albermarle Studios
Costumes – Lynn Quelch (County Drama Wardrobe)
Musicians – Tim Brewster, Michael Edge, Kate Brewster, Chris Phelps, Edwin Ireland, Gareth Stratham, Tom Deakin, Liz Schofield, Tim Nightingale, Dave Anderson, Keith Thompson and Barbara Taylor