16th to 20th September 2014 at the Chrysalis Theatre, Milton Keynes

We took a trip to Elizabethan England to stage 3 episodes of this much loved comedy and followed the ‘cunning plans’ of Edmund Blackadder in the court of Queen Elizabeth I.

Blackadder the Third in 2011 was great fun so we were excited to be tackling another series.

Bells: Blackadder employs a young man called “Bob” whom he finds himself attracted to, much to his dismay. Once he discovers that “Bob” is actually Kate, he plans to marry her…

Head: Blackadder is made Lord High Executioner and decides to change the execution schedule in order to give himself more free time. Unfortunately this brings him in to conflict with the Queen’s wishes…

Beer: With the promise of a large inheritance in mind, Blackadder attempts to impress his fanatically Puritanical relatives while simultaneously attempting to win a drinking competition…

Written by Ben Elton and Richard Curtis. By kind permission of Richard Curtis and supporting Comic Relief.

Following the success of this production we the cunning plan to stage the remaining 3 episodes from the TV series in March 2015 reuniting the same cast from this run…

Costumes used in this show are available to hire – see our Costumes page for more information.

Show Dates, Times and Ticket Prices

16th to 20th September 2014. At the Chrysalis Theatre,  Camphill, Milton Keynes MK15 9JY
Each performance included all 3 episodes

Tuesday 16th September 2014. 7.30pm.
Wednesday 17th September 2014. 7.30pm.
Thursday 18th September 2014. 7.30pm.
Friday 19th September 2014. 7.30pm.
Saturday 20th September 2014. 7.30pm.


Characters in all three episodes:
Lord Edmund Blackadder – Iain Wood
Baldrick – Chris Tennant
Lord Percy Percy – Jonathan Barnett
Queen Elizabeth I – Tracy Butler
Nursie – Jen Barber
Lord Melchett – Steve Clark
The Balladeer – David Lovesy

Additional characters in ‘Bells’:
Kate (‘Bob’) – Claire Duff
Kate’s Father – Carl Defriend
Doctor Leech – Sean McDermott
The Wise Woman – Caroline Forrest-Holden
The Young Crone – Joanne Croft
Lord Flashheart – Matt Perris

Additional characters in ‘Head’:
Lady Farrow – Joanne Croft
Gaoler Ploppy – David Pibworth
Mrs Ploppy – Anna Wingerath
Earl Farrow – Adam Croft

Additional characters in ‘Beer’:
Lady Whiteadder – Sue Walmsley
Lord Whiteadder – Sean McDermott
Simon ‘Farters’ Partridge – Adam Croft
Geoffrey Piddle – Carl Defriend
Freddie Frobisher, the flatulent hermit of Lindisfarne – Colin Aldous

Production Team

Director – David Pibworth
Assistant Director – Sean McDermott
Production Manager – David Lovesy
Sound – Peter Lawson
Marketing & Publicity – David Lovesy and Steve Clark
Lighting Design – Andy Nicholson
Props – Pam Buckle, Clare Doughty, David Howard and Mary Howard
Set – Corrin Eaton
Hair and Make up – Emma Dell (One Salon
Costumes – Anna Wingerath
Stage Management – Karen and Steve Young  (Hippofrog