18th to 22nd September 2018 at the Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes

We returned to the trenches of World War I for the second and final time as Captain Edmund Blackadder prepares for the Final push…

Private Plane:  Despite Blackadder’s loathing of the arrogant flying ace Lord Flashheart, Blackadder, Baldrick and George volunteer to join the Royal Flying Corps unaware that their nickname the “Twenty Minuters” refers to their average life expectancy. After Blackadder and Baldrick crash their plane behind enemy lines, they are captured by the Germans and must prepare for a fate worse than death…

General Hospital:  A game of “I Spy” goes terribly wrong when a bomb strikes Blackadder’s bunker and injures George, leaving him in the care of the kindly Nurse Mary at the field hospital. After Melchett and Darling inform Blackadder that there is a German spy in the hospital giving away their battle plans, Blackadder and Darling are sent undercover.

Goodbyeee: Millions have died but the troops have advanced no further than “an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping”. Now, at last, the ‘final’ big push looms, and Blackadder is willing to try anything to avoid it. Will putting a pair of underpants on his head and shoving two pencils up his nose get Blackadder invalided back to Blighty?

Written by Ben Elton and Richard Curtis. By kind permission of Tiger Aspect Productions. Supporting Comic Relief and the Royal British Legion. A performance by non professional actors.

A sequel to our popular production of Blackadder Goes Forth (September 2017) in which we staged the first three episodes of the series.

Our charity raffle and programme donations raised just under £300 for the British Legion.

Costumes and props used in this show are available to hire – see our Costumes page for more information.

Pictures from our production taken by Robert Skears: www.shotz4u.co.uk
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Show Dates, Times and Ticket Prices

18th to 22nd September 2018, at Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes MK14 6BN.
Each performance included all three episodes.

Tuesday 18th September 2018. 7.30pm.
Wednesday 19th September 2018. 7.30pm.
Thursday 20th September 2018. 7.30pm.
Friday 21st September 2018. 7.30pm.
Saturday 22nd September 2018. 7.30pm.


We reunited the cast from our September 2017 production of Blackadder Goes Forth:

Characters in all three episodes:
Captain Edmund Blackadder – Iain Wood
Private S Baldrick – Chris Tennant
Lieutenant The Honourable George Colhurst St Barleigh – Jonathan Barnett
Captain Kevin Darling – Steve Clark
General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett – Gary Martindale

Additional characters in ‘General Hospital’:
Nurse Mary – Emma Dell
Brigadier Smith – David Lovesy

Additional characters in ‘Private Plane’:
Driver Bob Parkhurst – Claire Duff
Squadron Commander Lord Flashheart – Matthew Perris
Baron von Richtoven – Sean McDermott
Lieutenant von Gerhardt – John O’Leary

Additional characters in ‘Goodbyeee’:
Field Marshall Haig – David Pibworth

Production Team

Directors – Keith Lennox (“Private Plane”), Sean McDermott (“General Hospital”) and Steve Clark (“Goodbyeee”)
Production Manager – David Lovesy
Sound – Peter Lawson
Marketing & Publicity – David Lovesy and ProbetsPR
Lighting Design – Dave Greenaway
Lighting – Ali Marshall
Props – Pam Buckle, Linda Davy, David Howard and Mary Howard
Set – Andy Nicholson and Dave Greenaway
Scenic Artist – Clare Doughty (Wild Summer Pie)
Hair and Make up – Emma Dell (One Salon)
Costumes – Admiral Costumes, Wardrobe Wizard and MKTOC
Stage Management – Steve Young (Hippofrog)

What our audiences said about our 2017 production of Blackadder Goes Forth:

“Well done Balders and cast!!! – A thoroughly spiffing trouser splitting show!”

“MKTOC have done it again – my face is still aching 2 hours later from laughing!”

“Absolutely fantastic! Acting, set, the whole production – brilliant night – thoroughly entertaining.”

“Just been to see this, absolutely brilliant, well done to you all! You should be proud!”