Murder mystery entertainment for corporate and private clients.

A silly, yet gruesome, service from MKTOC! A light-hearted way to bring death to friends and colleagues.

Die Laughing are a performance group dedicated to bringing murder and mayhem to your event with daft storylines designed to entertain as much as mystify. In fact, we’re often accused of first-degree humour-cide!


We can create plots tailored to your requirements, or you can pick from themes including:

  • Robin Hood and his Merry Menace : Murder and skulduggery with a historical re-enactment society!
  • Oliver! With a Twist : Twenty years on and Oliver is still causing trouble – who’d “do anything” to silence him?
  • Anne gets Cleaved : A Tudor themed murder
  • Dead Men don’t get dessert : A gangster themed murder mystery set in Prohibition Chicago.
  • LepreCON : A convention of Faerie fans may have proved the existence of the Fair Folk – or is something more sinister afoot?
  • Dial M for Monster : An evil mastermind murdered. Five infamous horror villains and a monster hunter in the frame – can you work out who didn’t do it?
  • They never see it coming: Death visits the production team of a paranormal investigation show.

Themed nights in costume – you’ll laugh yourself to death!

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Why choose us?
  • Our team have vast experience of both theatrical improvisation and comedy performance  murder mysteries are, after all, designed to be entertaining above all else!
  • Each event has a representative assigned to work with you, ensuring that the package is well suited to your requirements.
  • Our experiences are enhanced with professionally produced complementary materials that strengthen the theme of the evening – from posters advertising fictitious events, to physical “evidence” of dark deeds and wrongdoing!
  • We’re fun to work with!
How We Work
  • Our performers dress in appropriate costume for the plot or theme – you can encourage your guests to do the same if you wish!
  • We do not work to a script. The characters have their backstories, motives and arguments worked out beforehand but the action during the event is mainly improvised – allowing full interaction!
  • Throughout the evening, our performers will move from table to table, interacting withguests, dropping clues and arguing with other characters
  • Solution forms are filled in by the guests, with prizes for the most accurate and most amusing solutions!