Blackadder Goes Forth Set for sale!

A fantastic World war 1 trench and dug out theatre set as build and used in our productions of Blackadder Goes Forth. Perfect for any wartime themed stage show.
The set consists of:
Long section of L shaped trench (18ft x 24ft)  made up of:
– 10 x 6ft by 4ft sections with mock corrugated iron facing
– 1 x 6ft by 2ft section with mock corrugated iron facing
– 2 x 6ft by 4ft sections black
– 2 x 6ft by 2ft sections black
– Assorted duck board pieces
– Firing step (painted rectangular box construction )
– Barbed wire (metal wire with rubber barbs in various sections – approx. 20m in total)
Dug out (8ft x 12ft)  made up of:

– 3 x 6ft by 4ft sections with wood panelling

– 1 x 6ft by 4ft section with wood paneling and rugged edge

– 2 x 6ft by 4ft sections with doorways (with army blanket curtains
– Black painted polystyrene panel roof in a number of sections
– Wooden bench
Please note: Actors, sandbags, trench ladders, set dressing props and furniture not mentioned above are not included!
Collection from near Olney, Milton Keynes or we can arrange delivery by van (at extra cost).
Full assembly plan available and more pictures of the set constructed including pictures of the individual pieces and back stage.

For more information please contact Steve.

Offer in the region of £500 – all sensible offers considered!